Saturday, August 23, 2014

No Shell, Meatless Taco Recipe

Here's a really simple all vegetable tacos recipe without the taco shells. I used lettuce to replace it. It gives the same crunch and taste, its freshness adds up to the kick of the dish. Being a Baguio resident is a big advantage coz (organic) vegetables here are so affordable and fresh.

It took me roughly an hour to make this. It gets messy so you can't eat it opened, just wrap everything and enjoy!

I don't measure my ingredients (unless it's pastry) so it's up to you to follow your taste buds. Feel free to add your fave veggies and omit the gluten if you wish.


For the "Meat" Filling

Gluten Steak
Oyster Mushrooms

- chop both ingredients.
- heat pan with little oil (like amount for saute), place the gluten first and fry til color darkens a bit. 
- put the mushrooms and season with salt and cumin seed powder (according to taste)
*TIP: gluten steak is already seasoned so make sure not to over salt. 

Gluten Steak

Oyster Mushrooms
 It should look like this:

Chop some tomatoes and white onions for toppings

Tomatoes and white onion
Before anything else, wash the lettuce let it drain so by the time you finished cooking it's already good for consumption.

 Assemble then eat: lettuce, "meat" filling, tomatoes, white onions, grated cheese OR finely ground cashew if you wanna make it vegan. It gets messy so wrap everything before opening wide.

I also made some Nacho Fries: fries, "meat" filling, grated cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Happy eating! Cheers :)

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