Monday, April 30, 2012

Samgyeopsal Sunday!

yummy Samgyeopsal
Every time I watch Korean films, I always wonder how their food tastes like. It doesn't look that good but the way they prepare it, the number of side dishes in small bowls present in every meal, and the assortment just makes me want to try out their dish. Cooking it right in front of you just adds up to the excitement of trying it. 

grill it yourself
Trying out yummy dishes aren't always that expensive, it's just a matter of knowing where to find a good yet affordable one. Good thing that here in Baguio, there's a really affordable Korean restaurant that can give the feel of a Korean dining experience. The "Korean Meat Shop and Restaurant" is all about Samgyeopsal. For only Php 500, you can satisfy yourself and 2 or 3 of  your friends with refillable Chinese cabbage kimchi, onion leeks kimchi, bean paste, and fresh lettuce to pair with the juicy thinly sliced grilled pork or beef. When we dined here, they even gave us 3 bottles of complementary sodas, worth Php 30 each. And for every order of rice, it goes with a bowl of flavorful soup (it's way better than Korean instant noodles).  

This is surely a great deal for a satisfying meal and a not-so-everyday experience. It's actually an under rated restaurant so expect a couple of vacant tables during your visit. It is owned by a Korean, and friendly Filipinas will attend to your needs. It's located right in front of Paladin Hotel (which is right beside Alberto's).  

beef or pork?

the arrangement

open wide :O

rice with free yummy soup

Korean Meat Shop and Restaurant