Friday, March 28, 2014

Grumpy Joe Restaurant

Grumpy Joe is one of the newest food joint in town. It is located along Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City. They serve pizza, pasta, and sandwiches among others. 

You'll definitely love their food IF you are a fan of Jollibee-tasting-spaghetti. Personally, it was a disappointment for me coz I'm not into the FIlipino style kind of tomato sauce/ base (especially the flavored ready-to-cook type of tomato sauce which was obviously used on their food).

We went here mid afternoon, ambiance wasn't that inviting. Staff were friendly and attentive to their customers though.

I find the food really ordinary and pricey as to the food's quality. On the right is their "Grumpy Joe Fried Chicken with rice and potato salad". Being one of the resto's signature dish, I was expecting way more than what was served.

"Chili Con Pizza Wrap" which I find weird coz it's stuffed with  ham, bacon, onions, cream, and some cheese. Not to mention that the dough inside was not cooked. They claim it's mozzarella however, I cook pastry and I sure know what mozzarella tastes and looks like; I surely know how to differentiate cheese from uncooked dough. Cut the story short, I ended up eating 1/4 of the thing and didn't pay for it.

Still would recommend coz you might like it. Plus, I might have ordered their wrong specialty. I won't give my rating on this one, I'll just leave it to you guys.

I came in really hungry expecting for a great dining experience but unfortunately went out grumpy.