Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Azotea Greens Resto and Cafe

Vegetarian or not, you'll absolutely love their food.

I've been a customer of Azotea Greens since they were situated in La Azotea's food court, until now that they've grown to a restaurant.

Personal favorites are watercress pakora, mushroom sisig, and a refreshing lemon grass iced tea. My nephew as a kid loved their veggie bbq.

After how many years, I finally had the chance to write about their great food and friendly service. (But dazed me, forgot to take some snaps of our refreshing drinks!!!) Most of the meals have an option of a regular (single) serving or for sharing.

The Food

Fresh Fruit Salad (Regular Php 95)

Slices of apple, pear, banana, papaya, and orange drizzled with vinaigrette and lightly topped with ground nuts. Served as a starter.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Ramen with Vegan Siopao (Php 145)

These can be ordered separately. I never achieved a tasty broth when cooking vegetarian. But this ramen is a big hit on my palate.

Egg noodles (I think) in a flavorful broth topped with water cress, nori, a slice of egg, veggie squid, and some kind of veggie meat hehe. I'm also picky with a siopao's bun but this is just right and the filling's really interchangeable with meat. Awesome!

Ramen + Vegan Siopao

Burger Patty with VG Squid Rings (Sharing Php 180)

This is served with a cup of rice (mine was halved before snapped) and can be upgraded to a couple of choices, just add a few bucks. My first time to have veggie squid rings, so-so. Patty's really yummy. It doesn't have that distinct veggie meat taste.  I bet even meat lovers would find it great.

Burger Patty + VG Squid Rings

Oyster Tonkatsu (Php 95)

This my friend is for the win! Good news, students get this for only Php 75. That's so sweet of them :). As how I taste it, it's a breaded oyster mushroom but a meat eater can be fooled once again. The breading's so perfect, it gives the crunch and taste to the meal. Two pieces of it served with rice, egg, and teriyaki sauce. Even without the sauce and egg is perfection itself. And it's only P95 or P75 if you're a student!!! Kids do yourselves a favor, please say goodbye to fast food chicken and try this ;)

Oyster Tonkatsu

For our drinks, no pictures silly me. But still would include it:

Lemon Grass Iced Tea (Php 55). If you find a lemon grass drink weird tasting, they blend it perfectly. Refreshing!

Fusion (Php 90). Papaya, apple, banana, pear, and orange blended all together. Meal in a drink. Caution: really filling.

Latte 9 in 1 Coffee Mix (Php 60). Perfect for the cold weather and warm ambiance.

The Place

And here's a glimpse of the place. Art work all over. I prefer going here at night coz the lighting's so warm plus chill sounds, perfect for the all year round weather of the city. I hope they'd have a well ventilated place. Still, I'd highly recommend this place vegetarian or not. Happy eating!


Store Info


Lower ground floor of La Azotea building along Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines 

Store Hours

Monday to Sunday 6:30 am to 9:00 pm

Contact No.

09274708335 or (074) 423-04-24

My Satisfaction Level 

Palate Happiness: 4/5
Tummy Loader: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Budget: Php 95 - 200 per person

Friday, October 24, 2014

My #VTAchallenge Diary

From October 1 - 22, Veggie Takeout Army had a vegetarian/ vegan challenge. Mechanics is to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet for 22 days, post at least one of your meals for the day. (We are HOME-BASED food service. - taken from VTA's Facebook page. They're located at and delivers within Lucena City, Quezon)

I decided to join coz I wanna prove to myself that at the age of 30, I can still outgrow habits (and anything between) and turn into something that is more fruitful. With the motivation, self discipline, and support from a few I accomplished the 22 days.

The fact that I was a 5-year vegetarian before I got preggy and I live in Baguio where vegetables are cheaper than a bottle of beer, eating pure vegetables is no sweat. The challenging part is having a vegetarian meal readily available anytime, anywhere. I'm so into the convenience of eating whatever there is, especially when I'm outside where meat is readily available like rice. But YES! I MADE IT!

It made me realize how I missed cooking and the unconditional satisfaction that came with it. I'm really fond of coming up with recipes on the spot based on the ingredients available. Let the imagination come to work and you'll turn something ordinary into something really special. Aaaahhh the joy of cooking...

Wheeewh, who would've thought it'd bring out something worth knowing. It also reminded me the existence of the people who support and respect my decisions. So here I am sharing my thoughts behind it coz personally it ain't just posting my meals for 22 days.

Since I saved a lot, I was able to share some snacks to beggars and street vendors for a day. Yeah, I'm glad I took part of the #VTAchallenge.

And here's my posted meals in no particular order, most of it I cooked. In case you're interested with the recipe, just send me a message.   


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ahmad Brothers Cafe (Indian, Pakistani Food)

After 2 unsuccessful attempts of dining at Ahmad Brothers Cafe (coz usually they're closed when I go there), I finally tasted their cooking! And yes, it's worth the wait. I'm a big fan of Indian cuisine coz of the rich unusual flavors that is fused with simple basic ingredients.

Really affordable, or if you find it pricey, it's all worth it -- quality and quantity wise. Don't underestimate the serving coz it's a tummy loader indeed. Plus, they have lots of meat-free dishes.

Here's what we had that left us very happily loaded. I wasn't able to list the price but menu at the end of the post.

The Food


Cubed herbed potatoes wrapped with lumpia wrapper (I presume) served with some yogurt dip. Great way to get the palate excited.

Palek Paneer with Nan

Spinach was never this good. This meal goes with rice or nan. Personally, Indian food won't be complete if it ain't nan. We ordered extra nan for Php 20.

Chicken Masala with Nan 

Wasn't able to taste this (coz of the vegetarian challenge) but he said it's flavorful and yummy.

Lassi (salted)

You can get this sweetened or salted, I prefer salted coz it's how I enjoy my yogurt. Another tummy filler.

The Place

These photos were taken in their old location, they already moved as of this update.

Store Info


Jose Miguel Building 2, #01 Yandok Street, Corner Naguilian Road, Baguio City, Philippines

Store Hours 

Monday to Sunday 10 am - 10pm

Contact No.

0908 740 7284

My Satisfaction Level

Palate Happiness: 5/5
Tummy Loader: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Budget: Php 490 (for the said meals)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

No Shell, Meatless Taco Recipe

Here's a really simple all vegetable tacos recipe without the taco shells. I used lettuce to replace it. It gives the same crunch and taste, its freshness adds up to the kick of the dish. Being a Baguio resident is a big advantage coz (organic) vegetables here are so affordable and fresh.

It took me roughly an hour to make this. It gets messy so you can't eat it opened, just wrap everything and enjoy!

I don't measure my ingredients (unless it's pastry) so it's up to you to follow your taste buds. Feel free to add your fave veggies and omit the gluten if you wish.


For the "Meat" Filling

Gluten Steak
Oyster Mushrooms

- chop both ingredients.
- heat pan with little oil (like amount for saute), place the gluten first and fry til color darkens a bit. 
- put the mushrooms and season with salt and cumin seed powder (according to taste)
*TIP: gluten steak is already seasoned so make sure not to over salt. 

Gluten Steak

Oyster Mushrooms
 It should look like this:

Chop some tomatoes and white onions for toppings

Tomatoes and white onion
Before anything else, wash the lettuce let it drain so by the time you finished cooking it's already good for consumption.

 Assemble then eat: lettuce, "meat" filling, tomatoes, white onions, grated cheese OR finely ground cashew if you wanna make it vegan. It gets messy so wrap everything before opening wide.

I also made some Nacho Fries: fries, "meat" filling, grated cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Happy eating! Cheers :)

Have a recipe to share? Drop me message....