Friday, October 24, 2014

My #VTAchallenge Diary

From October 1 - 22, Veggie Takeout Army had a vegetarian/ vegan challenge. Mechanics is to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet for 22 days, post at least one of your meals for the day. (We are HOME-BASED food service. - taken from VTA's Facebook page. They're located at and delivers within Lucena City, Quezon)

I decided to join coz I wanna prove to myself that at the age of 30, I can still outgrow habits (and anything between) and turn into something that is more fruitful. With the motivation, self discipline, and support from a few I accomplished the 22 days.

The fact that I was a 5-year vegetarian before I got preggy and I live in Baguio where vegetables are cheaper than a bottle of beer, eating pure vegetables is no sweat. The challenging part is having a vegetarian meal readily available anytime, anywhere. I'm so into the convenience of eating whatever there is, especially when I'm outside where meat is readily available like rice. But YES! I MADE IT!

It made me realize how I missed cooking and the unconditional satisfaction that came with it. I'm really fond of coming up with recipes on the spot based on the ingredients available. Let the imagination come to work and you'll turn something ordinary into something really special. Aaaahhh the joy of cooking...

Wheeewh, who would've thought it'd bring out something worth knowing. It also reminded me the existence of the people who support and respect my decisions. So here I am sharing my thoughts behind it coz personally it ain't just posting my meals for 22 days.

Since I saved a lot, I was able to share some snacks to beggars and street vendors for a day. Yeah, I'm glad I took part of the #VTAchallenge.

And here's my posted meals in no particular order, most of it I cooked. In case you're interested with the recipe, just send me a message.   


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