Monday, May 21, 2012

Today is Dedicated to Midz

The way she laughs, she reacts to any story you tell her, she doesn't tell "it's okay" coz she knows it's not but gives pieces of advice instead, she lets me experience things that she knows I'd love, being simply unique... these are just some of the things that make her special.

Adele, blue Tic Tac, Caldereta, perfect pasta, U2, The Wallflowers, bubbly people, the beach, hiking... these are just some of the things that trigger her memories. 

Today marks the day when she left us physically. A year had passed but I can still recall every detail and emotion of that day. There are times when I still wait for her, only to realize that it's not possible. This is the hardest part. Only her memories remain. I don't wanna count those days but as my brother Billy said "It's to honor one of the greatest persons who touched the earth". Difficult as it is to accept, life must go on. 

Here are some of her favorite food that we had today in remembrance of her.

Cheesy Beef Lasagna

No one cooks a perfect lasagna but Midz. Every bite makes the fireworks go boom! Now my Mom was the one who made it. She doesn't usually cook but she managed to make it really yummy. I know she's proud of it (and I can imagine her reaction while reading this) :D

Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings with Ranch Dressing
Every time I visit our house and am looking for a snack, we usually go for delivery. This is her staple set when we dial Don Henrico's. Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings, both hearty and flavorful especially with the Ranch Dressing that goes with it.

Creamy Fruit Salad
This is just to wash off the palate. My Mom makes really good salads. Fresh apples mixed with the canned fruit cocktail, dressed in cream and a right amount of condensed milk.

It's so unfair that you have to leave us too soon
There were so many people whom you touched
There were so many things that I'd like to do with you
I'm fortunate to have met you in this life time, lucky enough to be your sister
I know we'll meet again some day, somewhere
And I'm looking forward to that day
But for now all I can do is just look back at those memories and just cry it out at times
You showed me how to live life to the fullest
Now your influence is a part of who I am
I love you and miss you so much, every single day...

Two months from now, it's Nanay's first year. Healing takes time.  

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  1. She loved my chicken adobo sa gata. She loved everything I cooked for her. She would gain ten extra pounds every time she would stay with me.


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