Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bits of This and That

Food trip day comes ones in a while so why not take advantage of it? Here's half day of food trippin' with friends and family.

First Stop: Army Navy @ Techno Hub, Camp John Hay. Everyone's familiar with this joint but I'll still blog about it since I love the burger and LiberTea. Aside from good food, its location makes it more appetizing. Too bad they're using foil for most of their packaging. Hopefully they'll consider wax paper or something biodegradable instead. Here are my bits for this stop.

Freedom Fries + Classic Burger + LiberTea = Happy Stomach

Starving Sailor for extra baggage

Chicken Quesadilla for the white meat eater
3 of us billed more than 800 Php but we went out satisfied, tummy filled and palate happy. A little walk around the area then on our way to the next destination.

Next Stop: Bliss Cafe @ Hotel Elizabeth, Gibraltar Road. Vegetarian food and an outstanding ambiance (with soft music playing) will surely lead to bliss. The Vegetarian Chicharon is a must try. Deep friend gluten, fried til the outside kinda pops and becomes crunchy enough to give that chicharon feel. For 75 Php per serving, it's really a great deal. A perfect combination for some drinks to keep you company while hangin' out. Here are my  bits for this stop. 

Veggie Chicharon (served with vinegar)

Mantra (served with ketchup)
 Mantra is potato and cheese, wrapped and fried til golden brown.

Fruit Crepe

Their version of Crepe is pancake covered in sweet cream, sprinkled with Graham and fresh strawberries on the side. Mix it all up, open wide, and feel your sweet tooth go crazy.

Bliss Menu

Now that our tummies are loaded for that hours of food trippin', chillin' out with some beer is the day's ending. A bit of bar hopping, a bowl of bulalo before heading home. Yup, I can say my Saturday's amazing. Cheers to that!

SMB Pale Pilsen to wrap up the day
**Thanks to Sai for the photos :)


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