Friday, May 25, 2012

Roasted Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Young Corn Hugged by Gravy

Headache... gloomy afternoon... eye strain... usual afternoon... must do something different!!!

Cooking something new, mixing the old recipe with an imagined recipe, just popped out of nowhere. Why not? Better to focus on something than dwell on the killer afternoon. Here's what it turned out.

My style of cooking: look in the ref, check available spices, then visualize what can I make out of it. Sometimes inspired by previous cooking shows that made me drool or just mix and match. The latter is simpler anyway.

Imagination on Plate

Here are the ingredients: (I only estimate so I can't give exact measurements)

ROASTED CHICKEN: Pound garlic, put some salt, let it stand for a few minutes to extract the juice, then rub under the chicken skin.

BAKED POTATOES: Boil, peel, cut; season with salt, olive oil, and herb of your choice (I used Italian Seasoning coz it's the only one available); place it in the same pan where the chicken roasts. This will give its crisp and golden brown color.

YOUNG CORN: Season with salt and chopped garlic, toss it in the pan with chicken and potatoes half way of the cooking time. Flip on the other side 1/4 of the time before everything's done to give equal brownish color.

Cooking time in my oven is an hour. 30 minutes on each side of the chicken to have both sides roasted equally. Crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside. Cooking time may vary depending on the height of the oven... I think :D

GRAVY: Dissolve flour in water and chicken drippings, season to taste, stir constantly til desired texture is acquired. This will moisten and add a bit to the flavor of  the meal so don't make it too spiced/ herbed/ salty (so it won't over power other flavors).

 And the battle begins.

This is how messy it gets on the plate of a hungry person. Happy eating! :)

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