Monday, October 5, 2015

IhawJuan: Grill And Eat All You Can Inihaw

Buffet is so in, can't help but try them all!

Promo price is Php 199 for lunch, based on the poster original price is Php 399.

IhawJuan is divided into two . One side is smokeless grill with shabu-shabu and the other side is the real grill deal: Charcoal grill in the middle of each table. We went here around 1pm and the place was jam packed. I really didn't like the charcoal grill side coz it's literally eating in the middle of smoke.

The smokeless side of the dining area, as expected, was vacant so we stayed there instead. Downside, the buffet table is not complete as compared to the smokey room.

Food was good, Php 199 well spent. We also had the hot pot and they serve refillable pitcher of juice too. The space is small and not that clean though. But it's worth the try. Kids below 12 y/o has a 20% discount.

Here are some snaps. Lunch buffet was almost over so trays were almost empty as well.

The Food

The Place

Smokeless Grill Side

Charcoal Grill Side 

Kids are so into this stuff, people waiting for vacant tables are endless. 

Store Info


G/F Blue Mountain Hotel, 18 Marcos Highway, Baguio City Philippines

Store Hours

Monday to Sunday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Contact No.

(074) 244-20-36 or (0926) 634-78-53

My Satisfaction Level

Palate Happiness: 4/5
Tummy Loader: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 1/5
Budget: Php 199 for lunch, Php 249 for dinner

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