Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part 1: Celebrating Life @ Seafood Island

This is my first blog entry after a year that my blog page has  been stagnant. I'm really excited, so here it goes...

July 14 is a very special day because we are celebrating two birthdays in our family. We wanted to eat in a restaurant that we haven't tried before so Seafood Island in Techno Hub (Camp John Hay) was our pick.

We arrived at around eleven in the morning so there were just a number of occupied tables. But the place was fully loaded when lunch time struck, which is something really typical during a Sunday. Good thing I was able to get some snaps while it was still roomy. 

The interior gives you a feel of eating in a restaurant by the beach. Put it together with the crew who are dressed in a Hawaiian themed outfit, yup it's like dining somewhere out of Baguio. 

I really love this wall art.
With all the wall art and accessories, you won't get bored while waiting for the food.  Here are some of the shots.

If you eat at Seafood Island, choose the boodle fight set meals so you can entirely get the feel of the place. A set is good for 3-5 or 5-7 persons, as said in the menu. We got the set that's good for 7 people. I think the rice was good for seven but the viand was only good for four. But this depends on your portions. I eat more viand than rice. The boodle fight was worth the experience anyway. 

Menu is right about the "SEAFOOD BONDING"
We got the DAVAO GULF
This went in after a couple of minutes of ordering

Pork BBQ + Bagoong Rice

Grilled Imbao, Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Salted Egg

Lato Salad (sea weeds, dilis, tomatoes, and onion)

Grilled Baby Squid & Steamed Shrimps + Crispy Dulong Rice

(Top left:) Pomelo &  Shrimp Salad (Right:) Grilled Tuna + Kalkag Rice

Kinilaw na Langka sa Gata
Don't mess with hungry people ;)

*Desserts will be featured on the next blog entry.

My Satisfaction Level

Ambiance 5/5
Palate Happiness 2/5
Service 5/5
Budget: P2000 (really depends on the capacity and no. of diners, given's for 6)

Here are the two precious celebrants for July 14: my mom (left) who just turned 6* and my grandma (right) who celebrates her second birthday as a star...

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