Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lucena, Quezon Food Trip Part 2/4: Luisa & Daughter Restaurant

Luisa & Daughter Restaurant gave me impression that it was a diner from the outside but it gave me that homely feeling upon entering the place. We came here on a Sunday afternoon and surprisingly we had the place to ourselves. Food was good, place was cozy.

They have a variety on their menu which makes me want to try every bit of it. Pizzas, burgers, viands, desserts.

The Food

Longganisa Lucban Php 100

I won't leave Quezon without tasting their sausage of course. And this meal went beyond my expectations. Longganisa was deep fried til it became toasted to the core. Genius! Four pieces of it served with atchara, sunny side up egg, and garlic rice. A breakfast meal available all day.

Tofu with Eggplant (Php 115) 

This is so oriental. The tofu's texture just kills me, YUMMY!!!

Thai Pancit (Php 150)

Simply amazing. Peanut sauce and the wrapper for me are the main event of this dish. It's technically fresh lumpia with sotanghon noodles inside.

Adobo Button Mushroom (Php 105)

Served sizzling and can't get enough of it. I limit my mushroom intake coz they said it makes you dizzy. Not quite sure if that's a fact but I won't take the risk :)

Cheese Tarts. I think this was around Php 25 a piece, wasn't able to list it down. It was good but I thought the center was like leche flan kind of stuff, but it was pastry all the way.

Here are the rest of the displayed pastries and a glimpse of the place.

The Place

The Menu

Just zoom it in to get an idea of what they offer :)

Store Info


Quezon Avenue Extension, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, Lucena, Quezon, Philippines

Contact No.

(042) 710 7543

My Satisfaction Level 

Palate Happiness: 4/5
Tummy Loader: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Budget: Php 200 above per pax


  1. The adobo button mushroom looks amaaaaazzzeeeeng! Was it spicy?
    Kelan ka nagpunta ng Quezon? Nakakainggit!

    1. Amazing talaga, nope it's not spicy :)
      I was there Feb., lots of food to taste!


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