Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Mothers' Day Tummy Filler

Motherhood is the craziest phase of a woman's life, of course IMO. Anyway, here's how we celebrated it at home. Nothing beats home cooking especially on occasions when everyone's out waiting for vacant seats just to eat. BTW, I wanna acknowledge all those who took some effort to greet me (you know who you guys are) and to those who prepared this meal - technically all of us.

So we had some home made pizza rolls and mango cream crumble; and to go crispy pata and lechon manok. Yeah we eat a lot. Great cooks, great eaters, great conversations, what else can I ask for? Here's some snaps of the DIY stuff:

Pizza Roll: freshly made soft tortilla, meat sauce, mozzarella cheese, organic arugula and alfalfa. Toss in everything, roll, open wide!

My Mango Cream Crumble (by chance). I just came up with the name while writing this LOL!

Cheers to all Moms out there, specially to my Mother :)   

Here's our happy tummy lunch....

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