Monday, May 19, 2014

Zio's Pizzeria

After how many years, I finally had the chance to take some pics of my dining here! This is one of my favorite pizza places. It's soooo affordable and soooo yummy!!! It's what I usually crave for when I'm experiencing a routine-caused-insanity.

When you want something cheesy, saucy, tasty, and wanna have your money's worth on food, Zio's Pizzeria is so that.

The Food

Quatro Formaggi (left)

This is their 4-cheese pizza, it's literally heaven in the mouth! Basically it's dough and cheese, but it can remove all the world's problems. Yeaah, it's an exaggeration but it's how it is :)

Fisherman's.... Pizza (right)

Name's actually long, I can't remember the words in between. Its base is a whole lot of ground basil moistened with oil topped with squid rings, crab sticks, shrimps, chopped onions, and bell pepper.

I want it half-half coz both have their own wonderful flavors but when fused, it's palate blowing! Put some hot sauce and this is how I eat it: pizza sandwich...


This is my second fave lasagna (first fave is my mom's). Red and white meat sauce. Gosh if you're craving for something saucy and cheesy, this is it!

Dolce Brownie Alamode

Brownies topped with vanilla ice cream beautified with chocolate syrup. For something Php 49, you won't expect it to be this good. Brownie is crunchy in the outside, chewy inside.

The Place

I actually saw the evolution of the dining area, from a convenience store with just some seats for the pizza stuff til it fully transformed to a restaurant with a baked goodies area. 

Store Info


1. Military Cut Off, Baguio City, Philippines 
2. Along Leonard Wood Road just across Teachers Camp gate

Contact No.

(074) 422 4599

Budget below include drinks. Drinks available are the generic iced tea, soda, and all.

I highly recommend their Calzone, especially the Vegetarian Calzone. Don't get me started describing it lol.

My Satisfaction Level

Palate Happiness: 5/5
Tummy Loader: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Budget:  Php 495.00 (including the chicken and drinks that weren't featured)

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