Friday, April 4, 2014

(Red Green Pepper) Taco, Burrito

Taco, Burrito is located at SM City Baguio's top floor fronting the cinema which I really don't remember coz I just take the turn to the direction OPPOSITE of Quantum -- if Quantum's on the left, I go to the right (yeah I need landmarks coz I can't remember little details). It's a food stall with a small dining space, lemme know if there's a certain term for this please :)

It's a great place to grab some Mexican food. Food is great, really affordable (and I mean REALLY), and just right to fill the tummy. The pictures aren't appealing but believe me, it's yummy. Here's what we got:

The Food

Grilled Beef Cheese Steak something. The name's so long I can't remember every word!

Beef, sauteed tomatoes and white onions, and cheese wrapped in soft tortilla. Sour cream is given upon request, don't forget to ask for this coz it would give the "boom" in every bite. Had it with their superb iced tea. I like Army Navy's Libertea but this I love. I can taste the brewed tea and some honey-lemon tasting stuff which makes it so perfect, plus sweetness is just right.

Bacon Chili Hotdog is very flavorful. Franks with chili beans and 2 strips of bacon wrapped in soft tortilla. Food for only Php 89 was never this worth it. Best eaten with their self made chili sauce, also available upon request.

Personally, the only down side for them is the packaging. Foil for tortilla wraps and styro for to go meals.

Here's our meal worth around Php 220

My Satisfaction Level 

Palate Happiness: 5/5
Tummy Loader: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 1/5
Budget: Php 39 - 120 (for this meal, Php 110/ head)


  1. It's a food stall with a small dining space, lemme know if there's a certain term for this please :)--snack bar perhaps?

    1. Sounds right. Thanks for that Karen ;)

  2. Sorry, I had to comment so that other readers/foodies won't be misled. This is not against the blogger's opinion, but to the food stall itself so they can hopefully make some improvements.

    Me and my 8-year-old cousin tried it out yesterday since he wanted chicken and I wanted something different. I wish I gave in to his request for KFC instead. So we got 2-pc chicken for him, 1 chicken burrito, 1 spicy fries, and 1 chicken quesadilla for me. I was anticipating for small servings since the prices are so affordable that there must be a catch. Here's my take on their food (this was when there was not a bunch of customers waiting around, so they should've at least made the effort to cook properly) :

    1. southern fried chicken - 2/5 - mediocre, but chicken was cooked through. fastfood/diner fried chicken is way better given the time pressure with cooking. gravy was so-so with lumps of flour. i can make a mean gravy from scratch.

    2. spicy fries - 2/5 - not spicy at all, beans on top were bland, fries are soggy, even the ones with no toppings. yes, i know there's chili on the table, but everything should be at least seasoned.

    3. chicken quesadilla 2/5 - scrimped on the cheese and chicken.

    4. chicken burrito [rice, chicken, refried beans(?) tomato salsa, literally overloaded with cilantro(?)] 1/5 - seriously it's like eating my own vomit (if you guys have tried throwing up what you had for lunch). i got 3 small pieces of chicken (the size of my fingernails). overall, super sour like vomit, i didnt even finish it. wrapper should've been at least toasted, but no. it's like warmed and im eating raw dough.

    I felt so ripped off. Kuripot pa naman ako and of course, i wouldn't complain naman if the servings are small as long as they're good. But for me, that was terrible. Sana nag-shawarma nalang ako sa session. I could've gotten 8 shawarmas for the money we spent. sayang lang. maybe the other selection of foods are okay, but I definitely won't attempt to try them to justify the experience.

    1. Thanks for the time leaving your honest feedback. I had a not so good experience with them too. It seems it depends on who cooks their food. Consistency is really a big factor especially for food joints.

      If you tried some affordable but good meals around, feel free to post it here as a guest blogger. Just leave me a note. Cheers :)


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