Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pampanga Trip: Bubusuk

Bubusuk is a Kapampangan term for "umuusok" according to my friends. Affordable and yummy. This I think is the reason why the place was packed when we dined here, twice during our stay in Pampanga.

The Food

I missed to list the prices and take a photo of the menu.


If you're in Pampanga, Sisig is the thing! Every joint has their own version. I'm not a fan of this dish but thinking that I'm in its place of origin, better taste every recipe for comparison.  Bubusuk's Sisig has a bit of crunch and sourness. It is served with garlic rice (with margarine). Thinking of all the fat in the meal is scary, but try to ignore it til you finish the plate. Yum!!!  

Beef Pares

It's also served with garlic rice. Nothing really special, typical pares.  


All internals. It's a bit sour for me.

Tokwa't Baboy, Lugaw, and Iced Tea

Here's one of their set meals.This is the reason why I got curious of their menu. Iced tea is really delicious, not the typical one. Pork of Tokwa't Baboy is like breaded tocino, soy sauce has a different touch as well. Yummy!!!

The Place

Too many people to move around. Hope to be back for more snaps!

Store Info


Northwalk 1, San Fernando Pampanga (a few minutes away from SM Pampanga)

My Satisfaction Level

Palate Happiness: 4/5
Tummy Loader: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Budget: Php 90 - 120 per head


  1. Masarap talaga mag food trip sa Pampanga. Ma add nga din yan sa listahan namin, pag napadpad ulit kami ng Pampanga. Thanks! :)

    1. Tama! Kumain ulit ako dito nung last kong balik sa Pampanga, di ko na napicture-an food sa gutom hehe. Enjoy! If ever gusto mo mag guest blog dito, lemme know. And you're welcome :)

    2. Sure! Free ba? Pag free I'll contact you soon... :)

    3. Free mag guest blog, yes. I'll hear from you soon then :)


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